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HOT SKILLSHot Skills for all those looking for security clearance, intelligence, federal government, homeland security, or top secret jobs.

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General Resume Database Access Guidelines
Liability for Content and Access to Resumes

We review all users before allowing access, and access is granted to organizations that have a valid interest in hiring applicants from ClearedConnections.  Users may include government agencies, government contractors, academia, the defense industry, and information sciences industry members. Access is not knowingly given to any organization that may have intentions other than offering employment, or that may be inappropriate viewers of your career info.

ClearedConnections recognizes that some of the information contained in resumes of cleared professionals may be sensitive or contain potentially proprietary information.  ClearedConnections does not review and does not take responsibility for what is contained within resumes.  Resume content is the liability of the resume writer.

Total Confidentiality of Your Resume Cannot Be Guaranteed

The confidentiality of material posted on any Internet cannot be guaranteed. It should be expected that your resume information could be potentially viewed by anyone with access to the Internet, and a determination to hack a system. To meet the concern for security and privacy ClearedConnections provides a number of protective measures. 
Applicants can be listed Public, Confidential, or Private 

Public Make my resume Public. Any employer can see your full resume including your name and address information.
Confidential Make my resume Confidential. Your full resume will be available to employers, but your contact information (name, address, phone, e-mail) will be concealed. Those employers interested in contacting you may do so via e-mail that will be forwarded to you confidentially.
Private Make my resume Private. Employers will not be able to see your resume unless you submit it to them when you identify jobs of interest.

Resumes can be edited online by resume owners via a login and password protected interface.


Requests for lost password updates will be sent only to the email address in your account setup.  ClearedConnections website utilizes the most effective firewall protection to secure all information.

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