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Acquisition Will Allow ManTech to Support the Defense Intelligence Agency

Acquisition Will Allow ManTech to Support the Defense Intelligence Agency

ManTech International Corp. recently announced that it had acquired Worldwide Information Network Systems, Inc. (WINS) in a move that will allow it to support the Defense Intelligence Agency.

The acquisition, which cost $90 million, gives ManTech the cyber security, systems development, workspace management and other services offered by WINS.

The move will also allow ManTech to work on the Defense Intelligence Agency's (DIA) Solutions for Information Technology Enterprises (SITE) contract, through WINS contract with the organization.

ManTech's chairman and chief executive officer George J. Pedersen said in a statement that the move allows the company to extend its reach in certain sectors.

"This acquisition is consistent with ManTech's long-term strategy to extend our presence in the defense and intelligence markets," said ManTech's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, George J. Pedersen. "The addition of WINS' IT capabilities, prime position on the DIA SITE and other contracts will enhance our positioning with important customers and further our growth prospects."

The acquisition could lead ManTech to add new defense and intelligence jobs, which typically require personnel who have obtained security clearance

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