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September 20, 2019

Instead of continuing to bore you with our growth stats, we thought we'd relay a story. We were having a conversation with a good client recently who remarked "What I like about your site is that when I call candidates, they pick up the phone and they actually return my messages!" We mused about why that might be the case, but the reason is that all of our candidates have actively self-registered with the site, meaning they are motivated! We're not sure what all of our competitors do, but we do know there is a ton of web-scraping and redistribution out there where resumes end up all over the place and candidates then get bombarded with emails and phone calls. Most of those emails and calls are annoyances that are completely unrelated to their skill sets!

We will never engage in web-scraping or harvesting of junk from elsewhere. Nor do we ever make our database available to those kinds of activities. This is an exclusive place for cleared individuals and cleared facilities to make a connection. For job seekers this means you only hear from recruiters working for cleared facilities who have taken the time to actually view your credentials and think it's a worthwhile investment of their time and yours to reach out. For employers it means that when you contact one of our candidates, they are less likely to be hiding from an assault of junk calls and emails coming from places where they've never sent their information. Happy Cleared Connecting!

July 9, 2019

Our June numbers are in and they were up once again across the board! Our new candidate sign-ups grew again, about 40% higher than the same month last year. We also had an average of over 3000 active job postings at any given time. If you are a cleared facility and you aren't yet a subscriber, you are missing out on that next great hire!

Did you see our partnership with the International Spy Museum? We're both thrilled and honored to be able to support such a great institution. We toured the new facility and it blew our doors off in terms of how cool it is. Next time you are in the district, check it out!

June 5, 2019

Welcome to our new blog where we update the latest happenings with Cleared Connections. We had a busy April and May as we attended a TechExpo job fair and got the chance to meet many great cleared people! We also launched a new Internet marketing initiative that has driven site traffic up 10% in just 8 weeks, but more importantly our candidate sign-ups were up over 50%! More candidates means more employers which means more candidates etc.

We like to think of ourselves as attracting a different kind of candidate. We're privately held, we're patriotic US Citizens, and we have DOD clearance management experience. We understand how quality people in this space are private people and very protective of their personal information. We were the first site in the business of connecting cleared people with cleared facilities, so come join us to find the position or the talent that you need!