Cyber Security jobs


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One of the biggest threats to national security is cyber terrorism, which makes Cyber Security jobs indispensable for controlling, monitoring, and defending the nation's networked weapons and facilities against threats, foreign and domestic. Here's where qualified individuals with security clearance are encouraged to take on a career in cyber security to fortify the nation's networks.

The Department of Defense (DoD), together with its partner agencies, are now focusing on offering cyber security jobs to fortify U.S. military command and control. Cyber security jobs will handle missions covering the entire 21st century operations.

There are three teams wherein the suitable candidate for cyber security jobs may be deployed: The Cyber Combat Mission Force, which provides support to combat commanders around the world; the Cyber Protection Force, which secures the DoD information network; and the Cyber National Mission Force, which safeguards the country's key networks.

Candidates for cyber security jobs are expected to provide intelligence focused on threats to networked weapons and infrastructure of the U.S. and the DoD.

Individuals with security clearance looking to make a difference by helping protect the country's critical networks through a rewarding career are invited to register for jobs in the Cyber Security field today.