Defense Jobs


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Defense jobs requiring security clearance are crucial components of national security

Defense jobs can be some of the most exciting forms of employment in the country, and these positions typically require some sort of security clearance.

Employment in the U.S. defense sector began when the Army, Navy and Marine Corps were initially established in 1775 in advance of the American Revolution. The War Department, which served as a precursor to what is now termed the Department of Defense (DoD), was formed in 1789, according to the DoD's website.

While fundamental defense jobs deal with the protection of the country both at home and abroad, there are a number of other individual positions within the DoD itself. Computer engineers, accountants, translators and finance professionals are just a few positions that can fall under the umbrella of defense jobs.

The headquarters of the DoD, the Pentagon in Washington D.C., is one of the largest office buildings in the entire world. According to the DoD website, if all of the department's sites were combined together, they would span more than 30 million acres of land.

Overall, the DoD employs thousands of people in a wide variety of defense jobs that all contribute to the protection of the country and are only available to a select group of people with the necessary backgrounds and preparation, such as security clearance.