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Can I submit my information if I am only looking for what's available?

Yes, as a potential candidate, you have the ability to control the access and distribution of your resume and any personal information you supply. Also, you can register either Publicly, Confidentially or Privately.

I have never had a clearance that I know of, am I still able to submit my information?

Unfortunately not, the service is exclusively available to U.S. Security Cleared personnel and U.S. Government Agencies and Contractors whom hold a (FCL) Facility Clearance.

How do I become a ClearedConnections Candidate member?

The "Post Resume" button on our home-page links directly to the registration form and resume entry page. Once registration is completed you will receive a system generated email acknowledgement.

What geographical regions does ClearedConnections serve?

We only allow authorized United States Government Agencies and Contractors who employ Facility Security Officers (FSO) and possess a Facility Clearance (FCL), access to These employers have openings that span the entire globe.

I was laid off from my job less than a year ago. At that time I had a clearance. Am I eligible to submit my information to your service?

We welcome any professional that is interested in a career search and has utilized their United States Security Clearance within the past 2 years.

I am currently in the Military and will be getting out soon. Do I need to wait until I am out to submit my information?

First, thank you for your service to our country. You may submit your information anytime but we suggest that you have already started to transition out of the military.

How long does my information stay in your system before I need to resubmit?

Employers typically only search for candidates that have submitted their information within the past 60 days. With this in mind we suggest you Refresh your Profile every 30 days if still actively looking for employment.

Will I be able to track which companies or organizations have seen my information?

Yes, via your Resume Statistic page you can view which employers have looked at your profile and also which companies you have applied to.

If I decide to submit my information can I remove it or delete it at any time?

Yes, you may delete your resume at anytime. However we suggest you instead switch your exposure level to Private, which will restrict hiring respresentatives from viewing your resume, and at the same time allow you to keep informed of special events and features ClearedConnections will periodically offer.

Does this cost me anything?

No, the service is FREE to all candidates.

Does it matter what type of clearance I have?

ClearedConnections assists candidates with the following clearance levels:

  • DHS Suitability
  • Interim
  • Public Trust
  • Confidential
  • DoE Clearance
  • Secret
  • Top Secret
  • Top Secret/EBI
  • Top Secret/SBI
  • Top Secret/SSBI
  • Top Secret/SCI
  • Top Secret/SCI with CI Polygraph
  • Top Secret/SCI with Full-scope Polygraph


How can employers sign up for service?

In an effort to provide the highest level of protection to our candidates we only allow authorized United States Government Agencies and Contractors who hold a Facility Clearance (FCL) and employ a Facility Security Officer (FSO), access to our service. If you meet this prerequisite and are interested in joining ClearedConnections, please email us at or call us at 888-725-6997.

Still Have Questions?

If you cannot find an answer to your question, send us a message and a representative will respond to you shortly.