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Security Clearance is our specialty. We connect Cleared Facilities (FCL) with U.S. security-cleared professionals (PLC) looking for security clearance jobs. These may include local, state, or federal government jobs or security jobs in the private sector in the US, Iraq, Afghanistan, or elsewhere overseas.

The need for cleared jobs is at an all-time high -- home security jobs; top secret jobs; intelligence analyst jobs; government contractor jobs; defense jobs; electronic security jobs; airport security jobs; homeland security jobs; and many more. Many specialists are needed to fill these ts/sci jobs. Some of them include linguist, intel analyst, facility security officer, defense engineer, and those with experience in c4isr; sigint, counterintelligence, biometrics, maritime employment, OPSEC, defense security services, polygraph test, and more.

FCL EMPLOYERS We are your resource for applicants who hold active USA security clearances. Our resume database has cleared candidates who have many skills and certifications that you desire.

CLEARED APPLICANTS If you want to build an intelligence career or homeland security career or are looking for top secret intelligence or security jobs, our service is free to all cleared applicants. Add your resume to our secure resume database. Jobs requiring security clearance continue to increase. If you have DoD clearance or top secret clearance, add your resume to our list of top secret resumes. Be sure to include SF86 completion information.

A government job search provides a listing of USA government jobs including CIA and National Security Agency employment. Security jobs overseas including security jobs in Iraq and security jobs in Afghanistan demand a variety of specialists such as linguists and intelligence analysts. A DoD job search requiring government security clearance can lead to Iraq employment or homeland federal employment. Experience in DoD top secret lifestyle polygraph testing, intelligence analyst jobs covering a multitude of subjects are just some critical areas needing ts sci applicants.

Military resumes outlining military careers with ts-sci security clearance are military resume examples which can lead to secret clearance jobs including DoD top secret sbi. We work to connect a targeted military resume with appropriate employers.

Security contractors are searching for cleared people to fill a growing number of positions such as monitoring top secret websites, private polygraph examiner employment opportunities, IT security jobs, and employment security requiring a variety of security clearance levels. Homeland security demands qualified applicants for a multitude of jobs at home and around the world.

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