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Avid Technology Professionals, LLC

Avid Technology Professionals (ATP) is a premiere-provider in software and systems engineering services to include all manner of web development, application development, system integration, process and evaluation services in information technology.

We are a company that prides itself on being open, accessible, and innovative. Avid Technology Professionals (ATP) values cultivating client relationships, as well as employee growth. Working actively with clients and colleagues, we identify goals and track progress—leading to successful outcomes. With technical know-how and the latest advances in information technology in hand, providing innovative solutions is our passion.

Avid Technology Professionals (ATP) is a growth-oriented company. We would love to talk with you! We are always seeking new opportunities with Agencies in the US Government, as well as self-directed individuals that know how to get projects done. Moreover, we autonomously empower our employees to attain their personal and career goals, which further strengthens the core of our company culture.

We support our staff through:

Providing a supportive work environment and culture
A focus on fostering employee development
Competitive salaries and top-class benefits
Providing access to a diverse range of contracts
Giving staff opportunities to use the skills that best display their talent
Offering staff a voice at the table where they can be involved in pursuing new technologies and associations


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Ellicott City MD USA