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Technical and Management Assistance Corporation

TMAC is a small business that provides System Engineering, Software Engineering and related IT services to our customers. As a small company, we are able to provide competitive salaries with our excellent benefits as described below. We are very proud of our commitment to our employees that shows through everything we do in assisting in the growth of their careers. TMAC provides excellent benefits in order to attract and keep the best employees. As you will see, TMAC provides all of the basics, as well as key benefits that separate TMAC from your typical Small business. • 6 Fixed Holidays • Up to 4 weeks of Paid Time Off (Sick/vacation) • Medical (Employee and family options) – great LOW premiums • Vision • Dental • Life Insurance • Short and Long Term Disability • 401K with 6% matching • Tuition reimbursement ($5K) Anything job related, certifications included To be as flexible as possible, TMAC also allows for the following: • 4 Floating Holidays (to co-inside with Govt Holidays if at Govt Site) • 9/80’s with customer approval • Comp-Time within the same month We look forward to having you join our team!! 

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