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Veteran Data Solutions

Veteran Data Solutions, L.L.C. "VetDS" (2008) - A Service Disable Veteran Owned Small Business - VA-CVE certified business

As prior active duty military directly involved in combat and intelligence operations, VetDS owners realized the need for real time intelligence and higher levels of confidence in decision making. Our background includes designing and delivering information technology infrastructures to support various and unique requirements for the collection, processing, exploitation and dissemination of actionable information to our clients.  To round out infrastructure capabilities, VetDS also sought out and won various Imagery and Intelligence contracts to deliver quality and professional services to sustainment mission sets performing imagery and intelligence exploitation and reporting functions.  Additionally VetDS, is actively working and developing artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions to enhance imagery analyst's ability to accurately and efficiently process, exploit and dissiminate alerts, indicators and reports with evolving sensor environment.  Within the next 5 years, the industry will experience an explosive growth in data ingestion unlike anything seen to date as the internet of things environment evolves and sensors become more powerful, those that choose an effective and highly efficient solution to enable near real time analysis of sensor data will lock in a competitive edge in the intelligence industry along with commericial environments.  

As employees of Veteran Data Solutions, you will be among the elite group that are pioneering imagery machine learning into mutliple industry segments that will promote career progression and opportunities to develop a competitve edge to your resume and skill sets.

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Contact Name Derek Aultman
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Primary Phone 919-273-3939
Division VetDS - Professional and Sustainment Services

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