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RGBSI Aerospace & Defense

RGBSI Aerospace & Defense LLC is a leading, full-service engineering company established to support federal and commercial A&D client objectives. Building on the 23 year legacy of our parent organization, our growing team of experts continues to expand RGBSI’s diverse global portfolio of Fortune 50, 100, and 500 clients. We are motivated to deliver engineering excellence across our breadth of advanced capabilities, intersecting innovation with lasting value for our clients, their supply chains, and their global enterprises. We push innovation past the tipping point between idea and execution. From digital engineering strategies and enterprise solutions to optimizing supply chain performance, we help our clients to engineer a connected future. RGBSI Aerospace & Defense works with clients across private and public sectors, with substantial experience and results across a diverse range of commercial and federal projects.

  • Advanced Manufacturing - W ith the advent of Industry 4.0, the digital transformation is revolutionizing production and shrinking timelines, allowing for decreased costs and increased efficiencies.
  • Business Consulting - Increase opportunities. We can optimize production and processes through advanced analytics to grow our clients organization and prepare for next-level capabilities.
  • Digital Engineering - Advancements in digital engineering, including evolutions within model-based applications, can transform the way companies approach engineering across the entire development cycle.
  • Quality Solutions - Our team of quality engineering experts can help our clients and their supply chain in the commercial or federal sectors. We are ISO certified and compliant with MIL-STD.
  • Supply Chain Optimization - RGBSI A&D helps organizations rethink and transform their supply chains to optimize performance. Our solutions focus on efficiency, warehouse automation, and data-driven results.
  • Systems and Technologies - Our team implements state-of-the-art systems and utilizes the latest technologies to provide the infrastructure our clients need to feel grounded in a secure foundation for growth.

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