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Sabre Engineering


Sabre Engineering was founded in 2010 to provide exceptional engineering services to our customers and an organization where our staff are valued for their contributions. Sabre is a growing, veteran-owned small business, providing cutting edge solutions and technical expertise to our customers in the areas of Software Engineering, Systems Engineering, Cloud Technologies, and Cyberspace Capabilities.

Sabre was founded on the principle that a team of great people can do amazing things. Our leaders are customer centric and deliver mission outcomes using the latest technologies. We attract top technical talent, leverage cutting edge technologies, collaborate with our stakeholders, and deliver smart solutions.

Our focus is on customer mission accomplishment. Our team consists of technical and operational experts, able to successfully leverage the latest technologies and years of subject matter expertise to enable our customers’ mission success. We enjoy challenges and take them on full force, because solving hard problems makes us better and stronger.



Empowering Our People

Since Sabre Engineering was founded, we have been committed to finding quality people. Our goal is to not just fill seats. We want to make sure that our employees are happy in their positions and that they are a good representation of who Sabre Engineering is.

At Sabre we are focused on our employees. Our goal is to not have work and life balance be an illusion. We want our employees to feel like they are a part of the Sabre family. Need proof? Take a peek at what Life at Sabre looks like.

We invest in our people and the latest technologies to address our customer’s hardest challenges. Our people are empowered, so that they can help shape our future as we continue to grow. Every employee has the opportunity to be involved in our journey forward!

Sabre’s concepts at the forefront:

  • Customer and Mission focus first
  • Bringing the best value to our customers
  • Delivering quality over quantity
  • Focus on trending technical challenges

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