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Yurts is on a mission to connect people to their best work. 

Yurts makes AI practical for any enterprise. By leveraging Large Language Models (LLMs) and the practical power of GenAI applications, we are transforming document management, knowledge management, and information retrieval for businesses.

Farewell to scattered searches & data silos; help people find, connect and communicate faster across the vast black hole that is enterprise systems, applications and documents. Turning what used to take hours into minutes. 

Secure, trusted & sourced; Our platform converges documents from various spaces like SharePoint, Slack, Google Docs, molding them into an accessible repository that is tuned to be on brand, reduce hallucinations and provide accurately cited sources. With roots as the go-to solution for the defense industry, our technology delivers best-in-class reliability.

Cost and complexity are no longer a barrier; Work smarter NOT harder. Our platform seamlessly integrates with your systems. Without long implementation timelines, high GPU costs or in-house machine Learning/AI experts.

Control and choice in this ever-evolving world; Our focus is on returning control and ownership of all data to the enterprise and putting them in the driver's seat of their AI journey. That means you decide when, where, and how you bring AI into your existing workflows and processes.

Join us is making AI practical and connect to your best work.

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