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SYSTOLIC is dedicated to giving our employees the best possible company experience so that they can focus on providing outstanding support to their customer’s mission. Our company is founded on integrity, enthusiasm, and a relentless commitment to supporting the Intelligence Community.


  • We capture a massive amount of cleared engineering work and provide our employees with abundant job choices
  • We pay our employees top dollar for the work they select
  • We operate a fair, flexible, a la carte benefits model so that each employee can customize their compensation to fit their needs
  • We enthusiastically support our employees who wish to explore new work opportunities within SYSTOLIC
  • We generously reward our employees who contribute to company growth by bringing in new hires and contracts



  • We don’t deviate from our model of providing highly-skilled subcontractor support
  • We don’t push our employees toward contract choices that maximize profit at the expense of employee happiness
  • We don’t delay employee compensation as a retention tactic
  • We don’t waste money that could be better allocated to employee pay
  • We don’t force our employees to work undesirable hours or huge workloads
  • We don’t sell our company


  • You’re not feeling the love at your current job, and your company hasn’t shown you any better options
  • You’re bummed that your company just got acquired by a giant corporation or investment group
  • You’re frustrated that your company doesn’t care about your career goals and professional interests
  • You’re tired of waiting for your stock options to vest or your bonus to get paid out
  • You’re sick of arguing with your boss each year about your annual pay raise
  • You’re annoyed that your company cannot accommodate your schedule and location preferences and your only option to get better work is to move to a different company
  • You’re disappointed that you don’t receive fair compensation for bringing new employees or contracts to your company

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