Lifestyle Polygraph


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A lifestyle polygraph is an important step in obtaining security clearance

Obtaining security clearance typically requires the individual to take a number of important steps, including undergoing a lifestyle polygraph, which asks questions about the applicant's conduct and personal life.

The overall purpose of a lifestyle polygraph is to determine (as well as possible) whether or not a person can be trusted with certain information that is deemed sensitive. Generally, the entire testing process can take between one and three hours and in some cases, follow-up tests are requested in order to confirm or clear up certain issues.

Some potential questions that may pop up during a lifestyle polygraph can include those regarding previous drug or alcohol use, mental health, compulsive behavior and personal relationships.

One aspect of the detailed questionnaire is to determine whether a person may be susceptible to coercion.

Lifestyle polygraphs are a critical step in gaining security clearance, which can pave the way for a person to acquire an exciting job within the Department of Defense in fields such as intelligence or even for specific private positions as well.