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Polygraph security clearance jobs offer a great sense of fulfillment to anyone who holds them. That's because the Department of Defense (DoD) relies on polygraph jobs in determining the general truthfulness of the statement made by the person who is placed under investigation.

Jobs within the polygraph examination program are used by the DoD for criminal investigations, foreign intelligence, counterintelligence operations, counterintelligence cases, and for exculpation requests. Polygraph is also used as a condition to gain access to certain information and position advancement.

The use of Counterintelligence Scope Polygraph (CSP) Examinations is conducted by the DoD on their civilian employees, contractor personnel, military personnel, and on those hoping to gain jobs within the department.

The DoD has been offering polygraph jobs in the program for almost 50 years, which has helped in enhancing interviews and interrogation processes. Over the years, it has been instrumental in resolving national security issues and in acquiring information crucial for criminal investigations.

Those with a security clearance are invited to register for polygraph jobs today to help the DoD in ensuring safety and security within the department and in guarding the well-being of the entire nation.