Cleared Connections: The Value Of ISSA Clearance


Having ISSA Clearance (Industrial Security Staff Approval) can significantly boost your intelligence career.

Upcoming legislative changes aimed at reducing government security clearance jobs backlogs and reciprocal recognition of certifications like ISSA Clearance among agencies emphasizes the necessity of recognized standards such as ISSA Clearance.

Darrel E. Issa of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence says, "For years, our security system was plagued by delays and inefficiencies. This hurt our national security, by making it harder to hire good people who couldn't wait months or years to know if they have a job." As with other top secret jobs and cleared job certifications, ISSA Clearance can take as long as 18 months to acquire.

Certifications like ISSA Clearance are the gateway to homeland security jobs. "The security clearance process fundamentally affects who is hired by the Intelligence Community, how agencies share information and coordinate and how well we deter and prevent espionage," Issa emphasizes. "Much remains to be done."

In the meantime, obtaining ISSA Clearance ensures your high standards of conduct are recognized by government agencies and increase your value as a cleared job and intelligence career professional.

ISSA Clearance is just one way to advance your security clearance career. Cleared Connections is dedicated to aiding you with the highest standards in ethical professionalism. In this current economic environment, this support can be critical.