Defense Security Service Cleared Jobs Safety Tips


Are you cyber security savvy?

Cleared Connections reminds you to be aware that according to the Defense Security Services (DSS) those in cleared jobs are the target of people gathering technical and classified information.

Those in security clearance jobs, top secret jobs, intelligence jobs and homeland security jobs are particularly at risk from foreign entities posing as imposters, the Defense Security Service warns.

The Defense Security Services (DSS) advises those with top secret jobs and security clearance jobs to view all information requests; particularly unsolicited ones, with suspicion.

Some indicators of foreign collection efforts identified by the Defense Security Services are when the sender:

  1. Is a student or consultant you have never met with an address in a foreign country.
  2. Asks questions about technology or defense related programs or contracts using acronyms specific to the project.
  3. Insinuates that they work for a government clearance or classified third party.

For those in cleared jobs, the Defense Security Services (DSS) and Cleared Connections recommends:

  • Don't respond to these requests in any way
  • Verify the identity/address of those you respond to
  • Report questionable contacts to your security office immediately

See the Defense Security Service: for further guidelines.