BAE Systems Comes up with $36 Million Naval Contract


After cutting UK defense jobs, BAE Systems awarded new contract

While defense contractor BAE Systems recently cut a number of defense jobs in the UK, the company did have some good news to report recently, as it was awarded a $36.7 million Naval contract.

According to a release, the company's first Full Rate Production contract for the ALE-55 Integrated Defensive Electronic Countermeasures subsystem from U.S. Naval Air Systems Command is designed to help Navy planes divert threats to decoys.

"We're extremely pleased and encouraged our proven technology is being recognized as an effective, affordable solution and being given the opportunity to protect our warfighters as they fly into harm's way," Mike Pepin, vice president and general manager of BAE's survivability and protection systems business area, said in a statement.

The vast majority of the work on the contract will reportedly be performed at the company's Nashua, New Hampshire facility, with some also being completed in Mountain View, California. As such, BAE Systems may ultimately seek out personnel with security clearance to fill new defense and intelligence jobs.