BAE Systems to Provide Upgrades to Situational Awareness Vehicles to Army


BAE Systems could create defense jobs for new Army vehicle contract

Defense contractor BAE Systems has reportedly agreed to a $30.4 million contract with the U.S. Army to provide upgrades for 247 Operation Desert Storm Situational Awareness Vehicles.

The York Daily Record reports the situational awareness equipment is designed to enable the vehicles to more effectively detect and counter threats on the field of battle. The completion date for the contract is expected to be October 31, 2012, according to the news source.

The contractor will reportedly use the money to acquire computer technology and communications equipment for the vehicles at its facility in York County, Pennsylvania.

BAE Systems' site in York County initially received a $271 million contract for the situational awareness vehicles in October, according to the Daily Record.

With these contractors, BAE Systems, which is one of the world's largest military contractors, could look to fill new defense jobs with professionals who have undergone a lifestyle polygraph test and taken the proper steps to obtain security clearance. These individuals can often access the top secret information that is critical to the completion of such projects.