BTS Corp. Expecting to Hire Workers for New Defense Jobs in Baltimore


BTS adding defense jobs in Baltimore

Defense contractor BTS Corp., which recently opened a new subsidiary in Baltimore, Maryland, is reportedly planning to add 35 to 40 defense jobs at the office, according to the Baltimore Business Journal.

Rachel Charlesworth, the spokeswoman for the company, told the news source that the new defense jobs are expected to be added over the next 18 months. The subsidiary, called BTS Software Solutions, was created to support software the company sold to the Department of Defense over the summer, the news source said.

BTS Software Solutions, which already employs 10 individuals, could look for professionals with security clearance who may have already faced layoffs from larger contractors, as they would have skills that could translate well, the Business Journal reported. Specifically, those with security clearance can receive access to top secret information involved in certain projects.

In addition to the expected hires at the new subsidiary, Charlesworth added that the company's BTS Network Solutions unit may add another 20 people over the next year, according to the news source.