Cybersecurity Career Prospects Considered Favorable


Prospects for cybersecurity, defense jobs favorable

A course of study that is projected to deliver strong career opportunities in the future is cybersecurity, according to a published report.

Students who are trying to decide on what they want to study will have strong prospects if they follow that discipline, according to Alec Ross, a U.S. State Department senior advisor for innovation as cited by Mashable. He said he is confident that cybersecurity will deliver three-decades-worth of job security and gainful employment.

"We're going to have a catastrophic event [in cybersecurity]. Some of these tools already being built are going to leak or be sold or be given to a group that wants to change the world order and we're incredibly vulnerable at the infrastructure level," former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mike Mullen told the news source.

Private contractor Booz Allen Hamilton has hired almost 3,000 cybersecurity experts during the past 24 months. Strong hiring for the field is set to continue developing for defense jobs and other similar-type opportunities.

U.S. News & World Report notes U.S. President Barack Obama endorsed the pursuit of computer network jobs while he spoke at Northern Virginia Community College.