Defense Contractor to Merge Sectors Without Eliminating Personnel


BAE Systems to Preserve Jobs

BAE Systems recently announced it will consolidate its five company sectors into four without having to cut defense jobs.

The Nashua Telegraph reports that the Electronics Solutions Sector in Nashua, New Hampshire, will absorb the Platform Solutions Center in Johnson City, New York, effective July 5. The combination, which will be headquartered in Nashua, will have about 13,000 employees.

Jeff Rose, the director of public affairs for BAE Systems, said the merger should not force any employees to relocate but instead it will create "new opportunities within the business and their career paths."

The new sector, which will be called Electronics Systems, will offer critical services such as flight controls, night vision systems, reconnaissance sensors and energy management systems, Rose said. The merger will allow BAE to offer their services at a more competitive price, he added.

The U.S.-based segment of BAE Systems employs approximately 52,000 people across 130 sites worldwide. It is responsible for developing programs in cooperation with the U.S. government.

Many of BAE's employees must have security clearance, which is a common requirement for intelligence jobs entailing top secret projects.