GTSI Awarded Defense Department Contract for Army Support


Through new contract, GTSI could add new defense jobs to support Army

Herndon, Virginia-based GTSI Corp. was recently awarded a contract titled the Biometric Automated Toolset-Army (BAT-A) by the U.S. Department of Defense, a venture that could lead to the creation of new defense jobs.

According to a release, the contract specifies that GTSI will provide mobile biometric devices to war fighters in order to help with identifying persons of interest in real time. The contract, which has a total value of $159 million, will reportedly be completed over a 16-month period.

The biometrics that will be produced include a number of potential characteristics such as fingertips, facial recognition, handwriting, voice and DNA. The system will be particularly useful for the U.S. Army because it makes sure that information gathered in one location is available to war fighters at other sites.

"We are delighted to win BAT-A and this contract positions GTSI as a leader in mobility and biometrics integration and support for our war fighters," Sterling Phillips, CEO of GTSI, said in the release. "GTSI is committed to delivering best-in-class technology solutions that serve the Army's mission-critical needs."

GTSI, which employs approximately 400 people, may look to add new defense or intelligence jobs as a result of being awarded the new contract. In such a scenario, professionals with security clearance would be in high demand, as the positions typically require workers to be granted access to top secret information.