How to Acquire a Federal Job


Landing a job requiring government security clearance

The Washington Post offers advice as to how to maximize one's chances of scoring a job with the federal government.

Conduct multiple searches rather than focus on one track. One way of doing this is by submitting applications via the private sector, the nonprofit sector and at the federal level. But applicants seeking a job that requires top secret government security clearance should be advised that their personal finances will come under scrutiny.

Applicants ought to prepare accordingly to apply for the opportunities such as by preparing self-marketing tools that will help the cause whether the job hunter is at a career fair or an interview. Demonstrating preparedness will leave an impression as well.

Another necessary factor is being persuasive so that the point of contact will have a strong impression as well. Applicants should be equipped with a persistent demeanor that will help the applicant persevere as the process draws out.

Federal applicants also ought to be able to be patient as the process can last as short as three months and as long as one year.

The Mother Nature Network reports two federal jobs to consider pursuing are as a park ranger or a park naturalist.