India Deal to Preserve and Create Tens of Thousands of Defense Jobs


Boeing Transaction Will Help Maintain, Create Defense Jobs

Officials in India have approved the purchase 10 heavy-life aircrafts from the U.S., which will likely protect and create thousands of defense jobs.

According to the International Business Times, India's Cabinet Committee cleared the $4.1 billion transaction on June 7. Boeing, a defense contractor, said that the order will support the C-17 production facility in Long Beach, California for an entire year.

White House officials stated that the deal will support 22,160 American jobs, many of which are intelligence jobs that require security clearance.

The news source reported that India will receive C-17 aircrafts, which are large transport planes used for strategic and tactical missions. They also can also perform medical evacuations and land on short and rough runways.

"The deal should keep things humming at the sprawling plant through 2014," said Boeing spokesman Jerry Drelling, quoted by RTTNews, adding that the transaction "helps us keep the line alive and supports jobs."

Boeing's Defense, Space and Security department develops aircraft and modifies weapons for agencies like the Defense Security Service, according to the company's website.