L-3 Communications Awarded Air Force Contract for Operating Training System


L-3 Communications Air Force training contract could mean new defense jobs

Defense contractor L-3 Communications recently announced that it has secured a U.S. Air Force contract for which it will operate a training system program, The Associated Press reports.

According to the news source, the contract has a number of potential options in addition to the original one-year award and could be worth a total of $976 million if all such options are exercised.

The contractor will reportedly operate the Air Force's C-17 Training System program, which is the force's largest training system for airlift transportation, according to the news source.

"Our goal throughout the life of the C-17 Training System will be to reduce overall contract costs, identify program improvement opportunities, provide innovative solutions and maximize the synergies between all areas of C-17 training operations," said Leonard Genna, president of L-3 Link, the unit of L-3 that will conduct the defense jobs specified in the contract.

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