Level 3 Communications Won a $410.85 Million Contract


Level 3 Communications captures $410.85 million contract to aid communications of the U.S. military.

Level 3 Communications won a $410.85 million contract from the U.S. Defense Information Technology Contracting Organization for support of the U.S. military services fiber cable operations, according to The Times-Call.

Based in the Denver, Colorado suburb of Broomfield, Level 3 Communications has the chance to continue serving the U.S. military with this contract through 2021 if all of the pact's one-year options are exercised. The contract was awarded on December 29 of last year by the Defense Information Technology Contracting Organization, the Denver Business Journal reports, citing a website from the Pentagon.

Founded in 1960, the Defense Information Systems Agency is a unit beneath the U.S. Defense Department. The drive of its mission is communications via computers and the Internet. The service aims to capitalize on technological advancements to preserve the clarity, integrity and efficacy of military communications.

The contract is likely to open for people with security clearance for defense jobs and intelligence jobs.

Level 3 Communications has expanded into an international provider of IP-based services for data, voice and video. It draws its clientele from both the private and public sectors.