Lockheed Martin Vies for $4 Billion Stealth Fighter Contract


Lockheed Martin could add defense jobs if it secures a new contract.

Lockheed Martin is competing for a stealth fighter contract being offered by the Japanese government that could be worth more than $4 billion, Bloomberg reports. The company's main competitors are Boeing and Eurofighter.

Industry experts stated that they believe the technologies involved in Lockheed Martin's F-35 Joint Strike Fighter will set them apart as Japan chooses its supplier. The plane has top-flight anti-radar capabilities and a shape that is difficult to detect.

"Stealth capabilities are clearly an area of focus for the Japanese," analyst Craig Caffrey explained to the news source. "It's a key advantage for the F-35 over the rest of the competition."

If Lockheed Martin were to win the contract, it is likely that many defense jobs and intelligence jobs could be added in the U.S. to the support the project. Additionally, employees with security clearance could be in high demand. The contract could also help the company add more jobs despite the projected cuts in U.S. defense spending.

Japan is looking for a company to supply approximately 40 fighters, according to the news source, to bolster its air defense against potential military threats from China and North Korea.