New Maryland Cyber Training School to Train Students for Defense Jobs


New Maryland school to train people for defense jobs

TeleCommunication Systems Inc. recently opened a new technology center in Hanover, Maryland, designed to train people for cyber security and defense jobs, the Baltimore Business Journal reports.

According to the news source, the vast majority of the students who will be trained at the new 36,000 square-foot facility will be government employees and defense contractors. The center also hopes to attract private businesses in the future.

"I believe we will only see the number of jobs in cyber security accelerate," said TeleCommunication Systems senior vice president Drew Morin. "As the cyber requirements keep coming out, you’re seeing more and more systems that need to be protected."

The location for the new facility was not chosen at random, according to the news source, as Fort Meade and the U.S. Cyber Command are based near Hanover. The center reportedly has six classrooms and could teach up to 4,000 students per year, according to the news provider.

The new school will likely seek personnel who have undergone a lifestyle polygraph test and obtained security clearance, as these people are qualified for many defense and intelligence jobs within the government and with private companies.