Virginia Senate Candidate Emphasizes Importance of Small Business Defense Contracts


Former governor pushes small business defense jobs

George Allen, a Republican Senate candidate for the state of Virginia, recently toured small business defense contractor Sim Ventions' facility, placing emphasis on the need for small businesses to have a better chance of winning defense contracts.

According to the Free Lance-Star, Sim Ventions president Larry Root told Allen, a former governor of Virginia, that it was important for the government to keep alive programs that award a fraction of defense contracts to small businesses.

Root, as well as a number of other employees with the company, explained that such programs enable smaller businesses like Sim Ventions to compete with contractors that have far more resources.

"It reinforced what I knew and have heard and thought was right," Allen said of the visit, according to the news source.

With small businesses still reeling from the recession, allowing such contractors to receive contracts could create numerous new intelligence and defense jobs, which would benefit people who have passed a lifestyle polygraph test and possess security clearance.