TASC Intelligence Contracts Last Year Surpassed $1.6 Billion


TASC of Chantilly won more than $1.6 billion in intelligence contracts last year.

Federal contractor TASC captured at least $1.6 billion-worth of contracts for intelligence work last year, the company announced in a press release.

Based in the Northern Virginia city of Chantilly, the company assists the U.S. government with various projects and challenges pertaining to national security and public safety. People who help TASC on the various contracts it has won helped fill intelligence jobs and defense jobs.

"The scope of work awarded to TASC is evidence that our intelligence customers trust us to define the solutions they need now and in the future," said Al Pisani, senior vice president of TASC’s Intelligence Group. "Our customers depend on us to engineer sophisticated solutions right the first time in order to optimize scarce resources, mitigate risk and, most importantly, ensure mission success."

Approximately 60 percent of the company's annual revenue derives from intelligence work. Particular specialties include high-end engineering services and technology-enabled solutions based on systems integration and mission capability.

The firm also works on security and analytics for cloud engineering as well as multi-discipline engineering. The firm's work also includes challenges posed by cybersecurity issues.