U.S. Army Awards $31 Million Contract to AEgis Technologies to Upgrade Helicopter Simulators


The U.S. Army awarded a $31 million contract to AEgis Technologies to enhance simulators for helicopters.

The U.S. Army issued a $31 million contract to AEgis Technologies Group to enhance the performance of helicopter simulators at a fort in Kentucky, according to The Huntsville Times.

The contract aims to upgrade two MH-47/MH-60 combat mission simulators that are stationed at Fort Campbell. The contract could also open career opportunities for defense jobs and intelligence jobs for candidates who have undergone a lifestyle polygraph examination and obtained security clearance.

"Our goal is to completely modernize these simulators and return them to flight training as quickly as possible," business development director Del Beilstein with Aegis Technologies told the publication. "We're very excited to support the warfighter on this important project."

Steve Hill, the president and chief executive officer of Aegis Technologies Group termed the awarded contract "a milestone win" for the company, noting the firm's capacities to compete and achieve.

The U.S. Army intends to employ the simulators as a method of training pilots for a myriad of tasks including emergency procedures, instrument flight training, advanced mission training and multi-ship exercises.

Based in Huntsville, the firm is slated to enhance the simulators so that they coincide with capacities of recently fielded versions of the aircraft that are more modern.