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Defense Intelligence Agency to Offer More Control to Services


Defense Intelligence Agency to Offer More Control to Services

The Defense Intelligence Agency announced recently that it plans to give more control over the use and design of its critical information products to the services and military intelligence agencies, reports AOL Defense.

According to the news source, Grant Schneider, the chief information officer of the Defense Intelligence Agency, explained that the purpose of the decision was to enable the organizations to use the products more efficiently and cater them better to their own personal needs.

The move will also reportedly aid the agency in taking steps to cut costs, particularly by allowing the intel agencies to perform research and develop modifications on their own, according to the news source. Saving money is critical for defense agencies, which are facing steep budget cuts, AOL Defense reported.

These costs savings could ultimately enable the Defense Intelligence Agency to preserve defense and intelligence jobs that require individuals who have undergone a lifestyle polygraph test and obtained security clearance. Such clearance is necessary as these individuals are able to access important top secret information.