Lockheed Martin Helps to Advance New FBI Identification System


Lockheed Martin developing new finger printing system

A U.S. industry team led by the largest defense contractor in the world, Lockheed Martin, is currently in the process of developing a new finger and palm print identification system for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

UPI reports that the efforts to develop the system began after a successful Critical Design Review for the system's Increment 3. According to the news source, the successful review came just weeks after the FBI announced Initial Operating Capability on NGI's Increment 1 finger print matching system.

"The FBI's Next Generation Identification system is now operational and providing law enforcement officials with more accurate fingerprint identification services than ever before," said June Shrewsbury, vice president of Lockheed Martin's Citizen Protection Solutions division.

Defense jobs with Lockheed Martin and other defense contractors typically require security clearance that involves a number of steps for candidates to take. One such step, a lifestyle polygraph, is another method for government agencies to evaluate prospective candidates for security clearance.

If the new finger print system for the FBI proves successful, it could ultimately be adopted by the the Department of Defense and other agencies for use in the security clearance process.