Rhode Island to See 600 New Defense Industry Jobs, Study Says


The governor of Rhode Island supports efforts to strengthen defense job opportunities in the state he leads.

Approximately 600 new industry jobs will be created within a 12-month period in Rhode Island, according to a study cited by Providence Business News.

The Skills Gap Study indicated 600 new jobs will be created, according to surveys conducted during the previous six months. The study, which was performed for the Southeastern New England Defense Industry Alliance Defense Industry Partnership, probed at least 200 defense-related businesses. Results were presented on February 28.

"The defense industry is very important to our state and I commend the work of the Defense Industry Partnership to identify areas where we can make improvements to our state's workforce to increase jobs and contract capabilities," Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee said. "We are committed to addressing the issues outlined in this important study by working together to close the skills gap."

Keith Stokes, Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation chief, said one beneficial aspect of the survey is spurring Rhode Island's economy. He said the state's defense specialty is underwater technology.

Contracts that assist with defense projects typically are geared toward people who have passed a lifestyle polygraph test per requirements of NISPOM.