Defense, Intelligence Jobs in High Demand


Personnel with security clearance in demand for defense jobs

From government agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security to defense contractors like Booz Allen Hamilton, personnel with security clearance are being sought across the country for a wealth of available defense and intelligence jobs.

According to a recent National Defense Magazine article, the government is specifically searching for a number of internet security experts who can help fend off cybersecurity attacks from all areas of the globe.

With this shortage, people with security clearance are currently in high-demand, according to Roger Cressey, a senior vice president at Booz Allen Hamilton.

"It's pure supply and demand right now. The demand has never been higher, [and] the supply is limited, so a lot of firms like us, we're recruiting against each other," Cressey told the publication, adding that a long-term fix involves cultivating a new generation of cybersecurity experts in high school and college.

One area that is close to the headquarters of a number of defense contractors, Baltimore, Maryland, is currently seeing an uptick in cybersecurity job interest, as 322 unemployed workers have enrolled in training courses in the area over the past year, according to the Baltimore Business Journal.