Pentagon Extends Cyber Security Program


Professionals with security clearance may be needed for cyber defense jobs

The Pentagon recently decided to extend a program designed to protect its major suppliers and defense contractors from cyberattacks from all over the world, The Associated Press reports.

According to the news provider, the move comes as Pentagon analysts continue to investigate a number of incidents involving potential threats to classified information from military computer networks.

Officials have reportedly asserted that defense network invasions currently comprise 30 percent of the Pentagon's Cyber Crime Center's efforts, the news source reported.

William Lynn, the deputy secretary of defense who unveiled the protection program last May, noted that it could ultimately extend into power plants and other critical infrastructure, according to the AP.

"The results this far are very promising," Lynn explained. "I do think it offers the potential opportunity to add a layer of protection to the most critical sectors of our infrastructure."

The extension of the program could be a boon to professionals holding security clearance, as measures designed to protect from cyberattacks often lead to the creation of intelligence jobs in which access to top secret information is necessary.