Security Clearance Can Lead to High-Paying IT Jobs


Security Clearance Can Lead to High-Paying IT Jobs

A new article in the magazine Application Development Trends reveals that software developers with security clearance generally earn the highest salaries in their field.

After conducting research on the salary trends of computer programmers, the news source indicated that the highest earners assume intelligence jobs. These professionals help develop highly-specialized, classified programs that are never viewed by the general public.

"Companies that are hiring cleared developers for government work pay the highest," an experienced job recruiter told the media outlet. "These would be major government consulting firms. Lifestyle polygraph candidates get paid more for the same skill set."

Federal Computer Week recently reported that the government is attempting to move away from its traditional model of software development in order to save money. Considering that technological breakthroughs have become more frequent in the 21st century, federal officials want to establish a system in which developers can adapt to new innovations in the middle of a project.

The new method, called agile development, is one of the key features of the Office of Management and Budget's 25-point plan for improving IT management, the news source reported.