SRC Seeks Experienced Cyber Security Analyst


SRC hiring cybersecurity analyst with top secret security clearance

Qualified candidates are encouraged to apply for a cyber security analyst opening with SRC.

The Chantilly, Virginia-based firm offers the opportunity for its staff members to do their part to fortify the U.S. The winning candidate must have top secret security clearance to serve the cyber security operations, research and development team that helps strengthen the work performed by customers of the U.S. government.

The selected candidate will be tasked with directing security analysts who support customers for operational tasks while also developing, managing and executing engineering projects that are germane to cyber security. The winning applicant also is charged with citing and developing solutions for security requirements of cyber security customers.

Additional tasks include conducting cyber security, intelligence, research and technical analysis in regard to perils of cyber threats and trends of technology issues. The winning applicant will generate analytical products for cyber security and deliver briefings for cyber security.

Requirements mandated of the winning applicant include at least 10 years of cyber security experience. SRC holds a strong preference for its candidates to have credentials with technical cyber security engineering.