CIA Provides Rare Glimpse of Top-Secret Intelligence Jobs


New documentary unveils details about American mission in China

A documentary that was previously only viewed by officials who had proper security clearance is now being released to the public by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

According to The Associated Press, the CIA has released the film called "Extraordinary Fidelity," which documents a classified mission to China in 1952. The subjects of the piece are CIA officers Richard Fecteau and John Downey, who were held captive in China for two decades.

The news provider reports that this is the first CIA-produced movie released to the public that was designed exclusively for individuals who assume intelligence jobs. The agency said that it plans to upload the documentary to its YouTube channel.

In 1952, Fecteau and Downey were sent to China to "retrieve an agent," according to ABC News. However, they were double-crossed by their foreign contacts and their flight was ambushed. Although a pair of pilots were killed in the crash, the two agents survived and were taken into custody for the next 20 years.

On its website, the CIA said that the documentary shows the dedication and heroism that accompanies U.S. defense jobs.

"Above all, the saga of John Downey and Richard Fecteau is about remarkable faithfulness, shown not only by the men who were deprived of their freedom, but also by an Agency that never gave up hope," according to the agency.